Submissions from 2013


Cultural studies meets rights criticism, John Nguyet ERNI


Legitimating transphobia : the legal disavowal of transgender rights in prison, John Nguyet ERNI

When Chinese youth meet Harry Potter : translating consumption and middle-class identification, John Nguyet ERNI


‘Everywhere is Taksim!’ : Turkey uprising is transforming political alliances, Murat ES and Rolien Susanne HOYNG


Reflections through a local lens on Muto Ichiyo's ideas of alternative practices : a Hong Kong perspective, Po Keung HUI and Kin Chi LAU

殖民制度,犬儒主體 : 香港新高中通識科的案例, Po Keung HUI and Yuen Fun, Muriel LAW


Book review : Timothy Choy, Ecologies of comparison : an ethnography of endangerment in Hong Kong, Iam Chong IP


中心與邊緣的辯證 : 由八十年代香港電影談起, Iam Chong IP

爭議大於變動的文化保育政策, Iam Chong IP


公民社會與虛擬自由主義的解體 : 兼論公民共和的後殖主體性, Wing Sang LAW

反思七一.批判公民社會, Wing Sang LAW

從後殖民主體性說「不從國教」的香港, Wing Sang LAW


香港主權移交後的「戀殖」現象, Wing Sang LAW


香港本土運動的興起與轉折, Wing Sang LAW


從電視霸權到參與式文化 : 重構港人認同的電視政策?, Yuk Ming, Lisa LEUNG (梁旭明)


港版「真人騷」的(小報)文化經濟學, Yuk Ming, Lisa LEUNG (梁旭明)

任劍輝的時裝電影 : 跨性身份的形塑與現代性, Siu Leung LI

李小龍的文化印記, Siu Leung LI


Interview with Meaghan Morris, November 3, 2012 interview conducted by James Hay interview edited by James Hay & Meaghan Morris, Meaghan MORRIS

Submissions from 2012

Doing cultural studies : Critique, pedagogy, and the pragmatics of cultural education in Hong Kong, Ching Kiu, Stephen CHAN

否想未來 : 在文化危機中過渡「江湖」, Ching Kiu, Stephen CHAN

從文學到文化研究的三重主體 : 批評、體制、教與學, Ching Kiu, Stephen CHAN

論都巿的文化想像 : 並讀西西說香港, Ching Kiu, Stephen CHAN


Learning to write critically : drama as pedagogy and the implications for cultural criticism, Ching Kiu, Stephen CHAN and Yuen Fun, Muriel LAW


Who needs human rights? Cultural studies and public institutions, John Nguyet ERNI


Who needs strangers? Un-imagining Hong Kong Chineseness, John Nguyet ERNI

Why does one act differently from what one pledges? Multiple perspectives and independent enquiry study in liberal studies, Po Keung HUI

告別犬儒 : 續篇, Po Keung HUI

在反智社會裹怎樣做文化研究, Po Keung HUI

為甚麼我們做的並非是我們講的? 通識教育的多角度思考與獨立專題研習, Po Keung HUI

重思文化評論和社會運動, Po Keung HUI


新高中通識科課程內容研究調查報告, Po Keung HUI and Youying YU


Hong Kong's democratic movement and the making of China's offshore civil society, Ho Fung HUNG and Iam Chong IP

為下一代覺醒, Iam Chong IP


從文化批判到文化研究的教育 : 嶺大文研的道路, Wing Sang LAW

殖民研究與香港研究, Wing Sang LAW

簡論香港政治與選舉文化的變遷和挑戰, Wing Sang LAW

解讀香港臥底電影的情緒結構和變遷, Wing Sang LAW

Re-nationalizing the transnational? The cases of exiled and missing in Hong Kong-China film co-production, Yuk Ming, Lisa LEUNG (梁旭明)


回歸後香港新聞自由的情況, Yuk Ming, Lisa LEUNG (梁旭明)


特首選舉新聞商品化, Yuk Ming, Lisa LEUNG (梁旭明)

戲曲更新與現代性的追尋, Siu Leung LI

波叔的「笑中淚」, Siu Leung LI


The movement in Egypt : a dialogue with Samir Amin, Hui WANG, Tiejun WEN, and Kin Chi LAU


Ecological civilization, indigenous culture, and rural reconstruction in China, Tiejun WEN, Kin Chi LAU, Cunwang CHENG, Huili HE, and Jiansheng QIU

Submissions from 2011


Introduction : education and cultural studies, Ching Kiu, Stephen CHAN and Po Keung HUI


Taking education seriously as reform : curriculum policy research and its implications for cultural studies, Ching Kiu, Stephen CHAN and Yuen Fun, Muriel LAW

Beyond war and men : reconceptualizing peace in relation to the everyday and women, Shun Hing CHAN

Legal education and the rise of rights consciousness in China, John Nguyet ERNI


Doing cultural studies in the Hong Kong educational context a tale of two action research experiments, Po Keung HUI and Chak Sang PANG

Social media uprising in the Chinese-speaking world, Iam Chong IP

序 : 改造社會常態的力量, Iam Chong IP

旁观者的可能 : 香港电影中的冷战经验与「社会主义中国」, Iam Chong IP

草根起義 : 從虛擬到真實, Iam Chong IP


阶级、权力与文化 : 对 「蚁族研究」 的反思, Iam Chong IP

集體行動力與社會運動, Iam Chong IP

Editor's note, Iam Chong IP and Chi Leung LEE


The social economy of new rural reconstruction, Pan JIA'EN and Du JIE

香港篇 : 情感動員的新一頁, Oi Wam LAM and Iam Chong IP

Hong Kong : a new page for affective mobilization, Oi Wan LAM, Iam Chong IP, and Chi Leung LEE

Actions at the margins, Kin Chi LAU


Economic growth and sustainability : a view from China, Kin Chi LAU

烏托邦是現實的, Kin Chi LAU

香港人的主體性, Wing Sang LAW


“Pro-suming” swearing (verbal violence) : “affect” as feminist (internet) criticism, Yuk Ming, Lisa LEUNG (梁旭明)


從英國經驗思考香港在社區廣播, Yuk Ming, Lisa LEUNG (梁旭明)

芳艷芬《萬世流芳張玉喬》 : 原劇本及導讀, Siu Leung LI


Alternative responses to 'the modern dream' : the sources and contradictions of rural reconstruction in China, Jia'en PAN and Jie DU


埃及的運動 : 對話薩米爾.阿敏Samir Amin, Hui WANG (汪暉) and Kin Chi LAU

Submissions from 2010


Reframing cultural studies : human rights as a site of legal-cultural struggles, John Nguyet ERNI


Clever love : dislocated intimacies among youth, John Nguyet ERNI and Anthony FUNG

重寫我城的歷史故事, Po Keung HUI

限富扶貧 : 富裕中的貧乏(新編), Po Keung HUI

寫在下一次金融海嘯之前, Po Keung HUI, Wing Sang LAW, and Kwok Ming MA

為當下懷舊 : 文化保育的前世今生, Iam Chong IP

當文化研究遇上文化保育, Iam Chong IP

當「文物保育」變成活化, Iam Chong IP

直接行動, Iam Chong IP

文化研究的關懷, Kin Chi LAU

作為保守主義社會運動的宗教右派, Wing Sang LAW

後語 : 寫在下一次金融海嘯之前, Wing Sang LAW

文化教育對文化研究的挑戰, Wing Sang LAW

文化研究與文化教育, Wing Sang LAW

文化研究與文化教育 : 香港經驗談, Wing Sang LAW

文研十載來時路, Wing Sang LAW


從商營電台應否協助政治宣傳說起, Yuk Ming, Lisa LEUNG (梁旭明)

從「民粹」中尋找「公共」的媒體教育, Yuk Ming, Lisa LEUNG (梁旭明)


高鐵運動的新啟示 : 主流/獨立、新/舊媒體的新互動, Yuk Ming, Lisa LEUNG (梁旭明)

性別編演、操演與女子的男性氣質 : 中國傳統戲曲武旦戲的當代搬演, Siu Leung LI

再思我城的保育, Kwok Ming MA

A small serve of spaghetti : the future of Australian studies, Meaghan MORRIS

Porn power : sexual and gender politics in Li Han-Hsiang's Fengyue films, Ching YAU

Submissions from 2009

從教學方法到「學生為本」學習及教師發展的機遇, Ching Kiu, Stephen CHAN

認真文化 : 在教育工程中認識文化研究, Ching Kiu, Stephen CHAN

盤點IH,認真通識, Ching Kiu, Stephen CHAN; Po King CHOI (蔡寶瓊); Po Keung HUI; Yuen Fun, Muriel LAW (羅婉芬); and Chak Sang PANG (彭澤生)


Politics of female subjectivities and the everyday : the case of the Hong Kong feminist journal Nuliu, Shun Hing CHAN


The making of a Chinese head of the who : a study of the media discourse on Margaret Chan’s contest for the who director-generalship and its implications for the collective memory of SARS, Wai Yin CHAN and Shu Yun MA


War, 'incendiary media' and international human rights law, John Nguyet ERNI

告別犬儒 : 香港自由主義的危機, Po Keung HUI

導讀 : 為甚麼要盤點 怎樣才算認真, Po Keung HUI