About Digital Repository Service

Digital Repository Service serves as a focal point for collecting, preserving, and providing open access to the intellectual output of an institution. The service aims at achieving the following goals:

  • To collect and preserve the Lingnan University’s intellectual output, including gray literature;
  • To provide Open Access to Lingnan’s intellectual output in the Digital Repository;
  • To increase the visibility of the University and serve as a bridge for scholarly communication between Lingnan and the international academic community.

Our Service Guidelines are available HERE.

Digital Commons @ Lingnan University

Digital Commons @ Lingnan University is the platform for Lingnan’s Digital Repository Service provided by the Library to collect and preserve the scholarship and creative works of our community and to share our intellectual life with a global audience. Its outcomes will showcase the breadth and depth of the University’s scholarly activities.

Contents hosted on Digital Commons include but are not limited to:

  • Journal articles (preprints / postprints)
  • Theses & Dissertations
  • Working papers
  • Book chapters
  • Conference papers and proceedings
  • Conference Presentations
  • Peer-reviewed Journal published by Lingnan Community
  • Monographs
  • Newsletters
  • Creative works
  • Student scholarship
  • Multimedia

All contents are discoverable by Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines, which makes it easy to share and collaborate with anyone with access to Internet. The content is available for Open Access (with some exceptions when necessary) under fair use for personal and educational purposes or with the permission of the authors or copyright holders.

For more information about Digital Commons @ Lingnan University, please click HERE.

About SelectedWorks Author Gallery

SelectedWorks allows our faculty to create a personal website, where he/she can include CV, publications, biography, contact information, photographs or all their scholarly outputs in variety of digital formats.

Through the SelectedWorks Author Gallery, we can archive and ensure the preservation of our faculty’s scholarly research materials in digital formats. The page will promote our faculty’s careers by giving the world free and quick access to their research. Visitors to a faculty’s SelectedWorks page can sort and search his/her works in various ways and sign up for notification when new materials are uploaded.

All members of Lingnan University may request a SelectedWorks page through the Library. Please contact Sheila Cheung () for details. You can also learn more about SelectedWorks at http://works.bepress.com.

To learn more about LU SelectedWorks Author Gallery, please click HERE