Vol. 8.2 & 9.1 八卷二期及九卷一期 (2008)

Special Issue: The Identity, Issues and Development of Hong Kong Literature



This special issue is a collection of nearly 30 papers presented in 'The Identity, Issues and Development of Hong Kong Literature' International Conference held by Centre for Humanities Research and Chinese Department of Lingnan University in December of 2007, in which over 40 scholars from the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Europe and the US presented their papers. Also included are the records of the 'Study of Newspapers and Magazines' and 'Hong Kong Literature and Culture' round-table discussions held during the conference.



導言 = Foreword
Ping Kwan LEUNG (梁秉鈞)



Notes on Contributors


主編 Chief Editor
梁秉鈞 LEUNG Ping-kwan
Lingnan University

副編輯 Associate Editor
陸敬思 Christopher LUPKE
Washington State University

助理編輯 Assistant Editors
鄭政恆 Matthew CHENG Ching-hang
Lingnan University
許迪鏘 HUI Tik-cheung

美術編輯 Art Editor
李家昇 LEE Ka-sing

紀錄及研究 Transcription and Research Support
朱凱欣 (統籌) Serene CHU Hoi-yan (Co-ordinator)
黃靜 WONG Ching
鄧小樺 TANG Siu-wa

編輯委員 Editorial Board
周蕾 Rey CHOW
Brown University
廖炳惠 LIAO Ping-hui
National Tsing Hua University
劉再復 LIU Zaifu
City University of Hong Kong
鄭樹森 William TAY
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
王德威 David WANG Der-wei
Harvard University
黃國彬 Laurence WONG Kwok-pun
Chinese University of Hong Kong
余珍珠 Angelina YEE Chun-chu
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
奚密 Michelle YEH
University of California, Davis