About This Journal

Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese (JMLC) was founded in 1997 and published twice a year. It has been edited by the Centre for Humanities Research (formally the Centre for Literature and Translation), Lingnan University, Hong Kong. Starting from Volume 6, Issue 1 published in 2005, a notable new feature was added to encompass the approach of comparative literature. The journal has also invited scholars to guest-edit issues focusing on special topics and occasionally selected papers from conferences, so as to bring more dimensions and perspectives into the field of modern and contemporary literature in Chinese.

The original aim of JMLC is to place Chinese and Western scholarship “back-to-back” and the journal has until now published articles in both English and Chinese. However, in view of the increasingly globalized nature of scholarship and in order to further strengthen the mission of JMLC to promote exchange between and fusion of Chinese and Western scholarship, it has been decided, starting from 2016, to turn the journal into an all-English publication. We believe that “face-to-face” dialogue between scholars is not only preferable but also necessary in the present globalizing context.

To write and publish in English will deepen cross-cultural, interdisciplinary exchanges, and can also pitch the journal to a wider international audience. The globalizing and globalized world needs to be better informed about China and to understand its cultural articulations in manifold forms and variations. JMLC insists on the necessity to foster a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary and comparative perspective on and approach to modern literature in Chinese in its broad sense. Any aspects of Chinese culture are within the scope of investigation. The journal provides a forum to communicate research and to address matters of scholarly importance and of interest to a broader audience. The fact that JMLC is devoted to publishing articles in English on modern and contemporary literature in Chinese implies translation of some kind. Translation has been intimately linked with modern Chinese literature, which, as a part of world literature, is constituted by plurality. Modern literature in Chinese has ramified into different branches and to represent the quintessence of modern Chinese culture in various forms requires cultural translation. The journal encourages submissions from a wide range of contributors who are interested in modern Chinese culture, and creates opportunities for interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue between Chinese and Western scholars.

JMLC is indexed in the EBSCOhost electronic databases, the MLA International Bibliography, and is listed in the Directory of Periodicals. Its full electronic version is available the on the MLA International Bibliography, ProQuest and on Academic OneFile” and ‘Literature Research Centre” of Gale | Cengage Learning, as well as under “Humanities International Complete in the EBSCOhost electronic databases.