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This magazine, named Trans-actions, is the result of the collective efforts (actions) of the twenty-five students in the translation (Trans) course called Bilingual Publication Workshop. In the spirit of Lingnan's liberal arts educational ethos, this course is held in an experiential learning mode, whereby students learn a wide range of skills and abilities that help them become more well-rounded individuals.

《譯行者》是集翻譯課程「雙語出版工作坊」二十五位同學的汗水和努力於大成的作品。配合嶺南大學的博雅教育精神,同學邊做邊學,通過學習 不同範疇的知識,從而得到全面發展。

Publication Date



Department of Translation, Lingnan University


Hong Kong


Creative Writing | Translation Studies

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2012-2013 Bilingual Publication Workshop, Department of Translation, Lingnan University (2013). Trans-actions: A bilingual student magazine = 譯‧行者. Retrieved from

Trans-actions : a bilingual student magazine = 譯‧行者