The Library collects data on research outputs published by active researchers at Lingnan University. This data provides the University with valuable information on the research activity of its staff.

The Library would try in most effort to upload / link to the fulltext of each output. For those with fulltext, depending on the copyright and self-archiving rights stipulated by different publishers / owners, Archiving Publishers' PDF fulltext files may be PROHIBITED. In most cases, ONLY Accepted-Author's Manuscripts are Allowed to be uploaded for open access via DC@Lingnan.


Submissions from 1979

南非的政治犯, Yiu Chung WONG (王耀宗)

神州三十年 : 香港新起的一代看中國的發展, Yiu Chung WONG (王耀宗)


自由主義大師波柏爾的哲學思想, Yiu Chung WONG (王耀宗)


蘇聯反體制知識分子的意識形態, Yiu Chung WONG (王耀宗)

Submissions from 1978


Consumer's surplus and linearity of Engel curves, Jesús SEADE

Submissions from 1977


On the shape of optimal tax schedule, Jesús SEADE