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This bilingual student magazine is the result of the hard work, creativity and energy of the 62 students in this year's Publication Workshop, a course offered by the Department of Translation. This is a very hands-on, practical course in which students learn by doing. Each student must take responsibility, both as an individual and as part of a team, to ensure that the quality of the publication is high and that the entire production process goes smoothly and according to schedule, just like in a real-life professional setting. Every aspect of this publication - from writing, editing and design, to final printing and distribution - was done by the students.

這本雙語學生雜誌,是今年「出版工作坊」62名學生汗水、創意和精心製作的結 晶。「出版工作坊」是翻譯系開設的課程,它注重實踐,讓學生邊做邊學。爲了保證出 版物的品質,每一個同學都需要擔負個人和團隊兩部分的責任,令整個出版過程如期順 利進行,就如現實生活中一個專業的運作環境。出版的每一步——從撰文、編輯、設計 到最終印刷和發行都是由學生負責。

Publication Date



Department of Translation, Lingnan University


Hong Kong


Translation Studies


English; Chinese (Traditional)

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2008-2009 Publication Workshop, Department of Translation, Lingnan University (2008). a:muse: A bilingual student magazine. Retrieved from

a:muse : A bilingual student magazine