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This study aims to identify the blocking n1echanisms for Japanese expatriate managers to acquire double-loop organizational learning in their international assignments. Two Japanese multinational department stores - Morioka and Chubuya - were studied in Japan to illustrate how the Japanese expatriate managers were trapped by the collective myopia. The major blocking mechanisms identified are common Japanese practices which include parent company community spirit, dozoku inhabitants, parent company's translators, and desire for normality. The modes or frames of mind and thinking of these Japanese practices prevent the Japanese expatriates from moving up the organizational learning to achieve the corporate objective of internationalization.


HKIBS Working Paper Series 044-012

(The paper is later published in Organization Studies, Vol. 26, No. 3: 323-350, 2005)

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Wong, M. M. L. (2002). Collective myopia as the blocking mechanism to organizational learning (HKIBS Working Paper Series 044-012). Retrieved from Lingnan University website:

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