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This article describes a Hong Kong study that examined the effects of full range leadership in the university classroom. The full range (transformational-transactional) leadership model was chosen because research has indicated that a positive association exists between transformational leadership and various desirable leadership outcomes. It was hypothesized that university instructors adopting a transformational classroom leadership style would generate positive classroom leadership outcomes and that these positive outcomes would be confirmed by positive student evaluation of teaching (SET) scores for the instructors concerned. Through the development and testing of an instrument for measuring full range leadership in the university classroom, it was noted that employment of transformational aspects of full range classroom leadership was significantly and positively associated with desirable classroom leadership outcomes. Furthermore, there was sufficient indication of an association of positive leadership outcomes with positive instructor SET scores to merit further investigation of the relationship.


HKIBS Working Paper Series 055-045

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Pounder, J. S. (2005). Full range leadership in the university classroom: A Hong Kong study (HKIBS Working Paper Series 055-045). Retrieved from Lingnan University website: