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The ability to reflect upon and manage their internal functioning may very much help teams contribute to their organizations. This study suggests that managing conflict cooperatively and productively provides a foundation for effective team task reflexivity. 200 employees in 100 work teams in China completed measures of their team's cooperative, competitive, and avoiding approach conflict management and task reflexivity and 100 managers indicated the team's in-role and extra-role (organizational citizenship behavior) performance. Results support the theorizing that conflict management can contribute to team task reflexivity. Structural equation analysis suggested that cooperative conflict management promotes task reflexivity that in turn results in team performance. These results, coupled with previous research, were interpreted as suggesting that cooperative approaches to conflict and task reflexivity are complementary foundations for effective teamwork.


HKIBS Working Paper Series 050-012

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Tjosvold, D., Hui, C., & Yu, Z. (2002). Conflict management and task reflexivity for team in-role and extra-role performance in China (HKIBS Working Paper Series 050-012). Retrieved from Lingnan University website: