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本文集中討論香港僱員的「節假日」這一種落實勞工休息權的類別,並從有關法例亦即《僱傭條例》中法定有薪假日的歷史發展和修訂,以及其在香港政權回歸前後,在施行上所導致的混亂情況加以分析,從而提出需作全面性修正的建議。包括呼籲當局必須盡快將「五﹒一」勞動節假期列為1998 年及以後的公眾假期以取代國慶節翌日、在1998 年及之後,以固定假期取代浮動假期,以及從較長遠的角度考慮在未來10 年內,把法定有薪假日以每兩年增加一天的速度,最終和公眾假期看齊。

This paper discusses "festival holidays" , which is one kind of the right to rest of the workers , in Hong Kong. It analyses the historical development and amendments of the provisions of holiday with pay of the Employment Ordinance and the confusion caused before and after the exercise of the resumption of sovereignty of Hong Kong. A complete revision of the said provisions is required. In this regard , this paper proposes therefore that the Government should amend relevant legislation so as to include the "5-1" Labourer Day as a general holiday in and after 1998 and use it to replace the Day Following the Nation Day. It also suggests that in and after 1998, the two floating holidays should be replaced with another two fixed holidays and, from a longer perspective, the disparity between the general holidays and holiday with pay should be eliminated progressively within ten years with the pace of adding one holiday in every two years.


HKIBS Working Paper Series 025-978

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周國強 (1998)。香港僱員假期的全面修正 (HKIBS Working Paper Series 025-978)。檢自嶺南大學網站: