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This interactive booklet features the “fictional documentary” Palimpsest directed and edited by Ms. Mary Stephen, Artist-in-Residence for 2nd Semester 2015/16, Lingnan University. Readers can understand more about Mary’s works by viewing videos she previously directed and scriptwritten, including A Very Easy Death, Labyrinthe, and Ombres De Soie.

To see the videos of Ms. Mary Stephen, you would need to use this booklet and your device:

Step 1: Download the free application Aurasma
Step 2. Start following marystephen
Step 3: Scan the images with [ ]
Step 4: Tag once to view full screen and tag twice to exit

As part of the residency program, Ms. Mary Stephen also taught VIS 3298 Studio Practice Course, entitled Nomadic Wanderings Using Film Language. The booklet features also the works created by students enrolled in this course.

Publication Date



Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University


Hong Kong

Artist Biography

Born in Hong Kong, Mary grew up in Canada where she graduated from Concordia University. She worked with French New Wave director Eric Rohmer for more than 25 years as his film editor and co-composer. Mary has spent the last decade editing, associate-producing and advising fiction and documentary films on several continents, while continuing her own filmmaking and collaborations with film schools and festivals. She calls Paris home where her three children live and thrive: Julie Stephen Chheng - paper and digital designer, Julien Chheng - animation filmmaker, Jonathan Chheng - architect.

Residence Period

January - May 2016

Exhibition Period

End-of-Residency Screening Event:
2:00 p.m. -- 5:00 p.m., 28 April 2016

Exhibition Venue

G01, B. Y. Lam Building, Lingnan University


Film Production | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Screenwriting | Visual Studies

Recommended Citation

Stephen, M. (2016). Palimpsest. Hong Kong: Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University.