Creating Urban Commons with the Youth 城市共享培植項目

The Urban Commons Incubator Scheme is an educational programme that aims to nurture youngsters to create community projects based on the principles of commons, fostering community-based lifestyles, supporting social economy, protecting labour rights and promoting sustainable consumption. The inaugural edition focuses on Tuen Mun, Tin Shui Wai and Yuen Long, connecting Lingnan University with organisations and residents in the neighbouring districts via the network of Light Rail, the public transport serving only the northwest New Territories of Hong Kong.

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This programme is partially supported by Lingnan University Innovation and Impact Fund (sponsored by the UGC Knowledge Transfer Fund).

「城市共享」(Urban Commons)社區教育推廣項目,旨在鼓勵及培育青年及大學生構思及創立與「城市共享」理念相符的社區計畫,促進重視合作共享的社區生活、支持社區經濟、保障勞動者權益及永續發展的消費實踐。嶺南大學作為新界西內的大專院校,本計畫的先導階段將以屯門、天水圍及元朗地區作為試行目標,以「輕鐵」為軸,凝聚嶺南大學的師生、區內的社區機構及居民,透過日常生活為社會帶來變革。


嶺南大學創新及效益基金支持項目 (由教資會知識轉移基金贊助)。


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