Thoughts in the time of disturbance

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Creative Writing in the Academy : An International Symposium = 象牙塔裡的創意寫作?

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Hong Kong Baptist University


The Chinese department of Lingnan University started to launch creative writing courses in the late 1990s. With the late Prof. Leung Ping Kwan joined the department in 1997, the curriculum has been further developed into the present shape. I have a chance to co-teach the creative writing course with Prof. Leung for about 7 years before he passed away in 2013. Obviously, Hong Kong has changed a lot after his death. I continued to teach the course with the participation of other writers. In these recent years, I feel the sensibility of the students has changed. The subject matters of their stories differ from before. What are the purposes of teaching and learning creative writing in the time of disturbance? Do we need to revise our teaching methods in response to the present situation? These are the thoughts that linger on my mind.



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Wong, M. S. H. (2016, November). Thoughts in the time of disturbance. Paper presented at Creative Writing in the Academy : An International Symposium, Hong Kong.

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