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One Step Forward • One Decade

In Chinese language usage, “ten” is not only a number but also concurrently symbolizes the culmination of a development stage. As such, very often we can hear about the saying of “achievements made in a decade”.

In 2016 it is just the year of the 10th anniversary of the Office of Service-Learning (OSL) at Lingnan University. In retrospect, perhaps we should be humble in claiming any “achievements made in a decade”. Nevertheless, through this 10 years' well-honed experience we have managed to link together faculties, students and community members, who have utilized their professional knowledge to respond in unison to various social issues. Their major purpose has been to contribute to the building of a sustainable society. Taking the opportunity to celebrate this 10th anniversary, we set the theme of this annual report as “One Step Forward • One Decade”. We accordingly invited stakeholders from different walks of life to share their Service-Learning experiences and to review what we have undertaken during the past decade.

A decade may not be enough to let us build a patch of blue sky. But only if we embrace common belief can we roll out, step by step, as the next chapter, another bright and dazzling decade.



2016年剛好是嶺南大學服務研習處成立後的第十個年頭。回首過去,或許現在我們還談不上「十年有成」,但經過十年的淬鍊,我們透過服務研習的平台,成功連繫了一眾師生和社區人士,攜手以專業知識回應不同的社會議題,為建構可持續發展的社會出 一分力。藉著這個十周年的契機,我們以「一步•十年」作為本年度年報的主題,邀請了不同的持份者分享其參與服務研習的點滴感想,與我們一起回顧十年的光景。


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Office of Service-Learning, Lingnan University


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Lingnan University Office of Service Learning (2017). Annual report 2015-2016: One step forward • one decade. Hong Kong: Lingnan University Office of Service Learning.

2015-2016 Annual Report 年度報告