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UG Dissertation


Marketing and International Business

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Dr POON Shing-Chung, Patrick


Stepping into the 21 st century, high technology becomes more and more important. Peoples not only use computers at home or in office, but also need to manage their work by computer outdoorsy. Therefore, PDA becomes a more popular mobile digital product in Hong Kong. Besides, because of its relatively low price, small in size and wide coverage of support software, number of PDA users in Hong Kong is increasing tremendously.

Since there are many special features of PDA that affect the consumers’ decision, we are going to find out the consumer preferences for PDA by using a Conjoint Analysis Approach. Conjoint Analysis not only helps us to understand the consumers’ preferences for each level of attributes, but also segmenting the market into different groups.

Base on the results found in our research, all respondents preferred color display. Palm OS no longer monopolized the PDA market and more consumers chose Win CE. Also, around 80% of the female respondents were not PDA users. All in all, most consumers are more concern with the screen display, price and operation system.

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Lau, K. K., & Yip, W. H. (2002). Consumer preferences for personal digital assistant (PDA) in Hong Kong: A conjoint analysis approach (UG dissertation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from

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