Date of Award


Degree Type

UG Dissertation (Restricted)


Marketing and International Business

First Advisor

Dr. Geng Cui


Traditionally, Hong Kong people are used to buying fresh food in wet market rather than supermarket. However, some supermarkets in H.K provide fresh foods in their shops such as live fish, lo mei, ‘market-style’ food and vegetables in recent years and have a trend to expand this type of market. Therefore, exit survey will be implemented to find out whether the new type of retailing toward fresh food can take the market share from the traditional wet market. Before carry out the research, it is necessary to analyses customers’ behavior when they decide where to buy fresh food. The purchasing decision-making is mainly according to five criteria, which includes distance, freshness, food variety, buying habit and lifestyle. After the comparison between supermarket and wet market with using the above criteria, it is found that supermarket can adopt the modern living of Hong Kong people. Several hypotheses are developed and aim at providing useful information to supermarket in the field of fresh food. With the comparison between variables, supermarket would have higher chance to success in developing the fresh food market. Research methodology will also be discussed after literature review. Then, summary of findings, limitation of carry out the survey, result and analysis of the survey would be reported. A conclusion would be given at the end of this report in order to summarize all important point and findings.



Recommended Citation

Lau, K. Y. , & Leung, Y. C. (2001). Fresh food of supermarket in Hong Kong (UG dissertation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from