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UG Dissertation


Marketing and International Business

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Dr. Patrick Poon


Within these few years, the Internet becomes popular in the world. There are many well-known websites, such as the eBay, Amazon and Yahoo, etc.. In foreign countries, Web auction is very famous for the Internet users in foreign countries, while it is a new kind of electronic business in Hong Kong. The trend of web auction has penetrated into Hong Kong in this few years, but it is still at a growth stage of the industry life cycle.

Web auction seems to be a new type of business in electronic commerce, thus it can attract the people to participate it in future. The potential market for web auction is quite large. In Hong Kong, there are four major companies that work on the business of web auction. They are the (1) Red-dots, (2) Go2hk, (3) Yahoo and (4) Clubciti. Whereas, go2hk is the smallest company in terms of company size, it is the second in terms of the number of registered users. The industry is growing rapidly and facing a keen competition. Therefore, the company needs to have good marketing mix strategies to establish its brand name.

This project aims to purpose an appropriate marketing strategy of GO2HK.COM, which can allow the company to match the consumer needs with marketing strategy. Interviews are conducted and questionnaire surveys are initiated to look into the most preferable strategy for GO2HK.

Before doing the questionnaire survey, we have interviewed the company, in order to identify the current marketing mix first. After that, questionnaire surveys are used to access the information about the procedure of non-users, sellers and bidders.

Based on the findings, a proposed marketing strategy is recommended for go2hk. To conclude, security is the most critical aspect that both users and non-users are highly concerned.



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Chan, K. M., & Tam, S. M. (2000). A proposed marketing strategy for GO2HK.COM (UG dissertation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from

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