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This publication was authored by IR AU-YOUNG Young, Lingnan alumni of Class 1947, with main purpose to appraise the contribution of Mr. Szto Wai, the designer of Lingnan Emblem, for Lingnan. During the Sino-Japanese War (1942-1944), Lingnan evacuated from Hong Kong and re-opened in Shao Kwan, the Northern part of Kwangtung Province. Mr. Szto Wai, together with President Lee Y. L. re-developed a new University campus at Taitsuen, some 30 miles from Shaokwan, a nearby railway station called Sin Yan Miu ("Miu" means temple). Mr. Szto Wai later created a series of watercolours and sketches of Taitsuen campus, which are now the most important and valuable records documenting Lingnan history at Taitsuen.

Mr. AU-YOUNG chronicle his memory at Taitsuen and introduced the background about the creation of Lingnan Emblem by Mr. Szto Wai. Mr. AU-YOUNG chose nine paintings of Szto Wai, supplementing each with bilingual description in both Chinese and English. This publication not only to serves to muse those alumni to recall those remote by-gone days but also enhance the young Lingnanians to learn the emblem designer's devotion and contribution to Lingnan over 40 years.

[內容撮要由嶺南檔案室撰寫 Description compiled by Lingnan Archives ]

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IR. AU-YOUNG Young authorized Lingnan University Library to digitize his self-publishing book and made it available for Open Access.

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歐陽讓 (編著) (2015)。《司徒衛 : 嶺南校徽設計者 = Szto Wai: Designer of the Lingnan emblem》。香港 : S.N.。

司徒衛 : 嶺南校徽設計者 = Szto Wai : designer of the Lingnan emblem