Historical Texts of Lingnan University 嶺南大學歷史特藏



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本書是一部嶺南大學校史專著,着重研究中國國大陸改革開放並開始重返國際社會後, 前嶺南大學校友及員工為在廣州重建嶺南教育所做的不懈努力。

本書的讀者是關心中國高等教育發展的嶺南大學校友、在校學生、中國政府官員及各界人士。這些人士一直以各種方式向嶺南(大學)學院提供重要支持。為了使更多人了解嶺南 (大學)學院成立過程中的詳細情況,本書編者在寫作過程中遍訪了當事者,查閲了有關文獻,將嶺南大學和嶺南(大學)學院的歷史記之於文字,並觸及了許多與當前中國國際化有關的問題。故此,對於因學術和商務原因,對中國當前教育發展有興趣的讀者,本書或許具有相當價值

This book focuses on the contemporary history Lingnan University. It recounts the tireless efforts of Lingnan alumni and former faculty to re-establish Lingnan education in Guangzhou, beginning after the People's Republic of China adopted an Open Door Policy and began to participate once again in international society. The focus of this book is on Lingnan's reconstruction and development since December 1989, when Lingnan (University) College of Sun Yat-sen (Zhongshan) University was established.



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商務印書館 Commerical Press


香港 Hong Kong


Lingnan University



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李瑞明 (主編)、邱燕凌 (編委) (2005)。《南國鳳凰 : 中山大學嶺南(大學)學院 = A phoenix of South China: The story of Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University》。香港 : 商務印書館。

南國鳳凰 : 中山大學嶺南(大學)學院 = A phoenix of South China : the story of Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University

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