Vol. 11.1 十一卷一期 (Summer 2013)

Special Issue: Cultural Transformation of the 1950s: From Mainland China to Hong Kong




Foreword = 前言
Yifeng SUN (孫藝風) and Shuk Han WONG (黃淑嫻)

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客席主編 Guest Editors
孫藝風 SUN Yifeng
Lingnan University
黃淑嫻 WONG Shuk-han
Lingnan University

主編 Chief Editor
梁秉鈞 LEUNG Ping-kwan
Lingnan University

副編輯 Associate Editor
陸敬思 Christopher LURKE
Washington State University

助理編輯 Assistant Editor
宋子江 Chris SONG Zijiang
Lingnan University

編輯委員 Editorial Board
周蕾 Rey CHOW
Duke University
廖炳惠 LIAO Ping-hui
National Tsing Hua University
劉再復 LIU Zaifu
City University of Hong Kong
鄭樹森 William TAY
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
王德威 David WANG Der-wei
Harvard University
黃國彬 Laurence WONG Kwok-pun
Chinese University of Hong Kong
余珍珠 Angelina YEE Chun-chu
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
奚密 Michelle YEH
University of California, Davis