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Mr Chan Wo-ping, Managing Director of AR Consultant Services, is a distinguished insurance practitioner with 41 years of experience in the insurance industry as well as a firm believer of education.

Coming from a humble background, Mr Chan is a classic example of a self-made man. His career in the insurance industry started in 1976 when he enrolled in a part-time day release insurance course. Soon he worked his way up from a trainee in a local insurance company to the Managing Director of AR Consultant Services, a reinsurance broker he founded in 1989. He further co-founded BC Reinsurance and BE Reinsurance in 2000 and 2015 respectively. In 2011, he collaborated with business partners to found the AR Charitable Foundation with an objective, inter alia, to provide financial support and mentorship to undergraduate students in the Risk and Insurance Management Programme at Lingnan University. The Foundation has already committed $10 million to support a scholarship for that programme up to 2020/21 and Mr Chan hopes to continue with similar support to nurture prospective members of the industry beyond 2021.



Mr Chan Wo-ping 陳和平先生