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Dr. Chung Wing Kwong, the first Chinese President of Lingnan University, had profound contribution to the development of Lingnan University. In commemorating Dr. Chung through this publication, the book chronicled the history of Lingnan University in the early days in Guangzhou between 1901-1942.

This is the English translation of "The Biography of Chung Wing Kwong" (鍾榮光先生傳) which was first published in January 1967 by 楊華日 under the support given by the Chung Wing Kwong Biography Editorial Committee of Lingnan University Alumni Association.

Publication of this English edition, edited by Dr. Lee, Sui Ming, and translated jointly with Dr. Emily Hill, is supported by the Lingnan (University) College Educational Development and Research Foundation.


9789620755927, 9789620755958

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Yang, H., Lee, S. M. (ed. & trans.), & Hill, E. M. (trans.) (2011). Chung Wing Kwong: Legendary educator in China's new learning. Hong Kong: The Commercial Press (H.K.) Ltd.

Chung Wing Kwong : legendary educator in China's new learning

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