Chair Professor Research Sharing Webinar Series




The National Security Argument for Protection of Domestic Industries, Leonard K CHENG, Chair Professor of Economics, Lingnan University


Asymmetry in Earnings Management Surrounding Targeted Ratings, David L. ECKLES, Professor of Risk Management and Insurance, University of Georgia, U.S.A

Valuable Perspectives on Your Life and Career from Chinese Philosophical and Historical Texts, Zong-qi CAI, Lee Wing Tat Chair Professor of Chinese Literature, Lingnan University

Screen Culture in Colonial Hong Kong (1897-1925), Emilie Yueh-yu YEH, Lam Wong Yiu Wah Chair Professor of Visual Studies, Lingnan University


The Post-COVID-19 World : Autocracies, Democracies and the New World Order, Shalendra SHARMA, Lee Shau Kee Foundation Chair Professor of Political Science, Lingnan University

Occupational Stress and Its Economic Cost in Hong Kong: The Role of Positive Emotions, Oi-ling SIU, Lam Woo & Co Ltd Chair Professor of Applied Psychology, Lingnan University