China Economic Research Programme (CERP) 中國經濟研究部



The China Economic Research Programme (CERP) of Lingnan University was established in April 2016 with the generous donation and ardent support from Ho Iu Kwong Charity Foundation. CERP aims to pave the way for closer collaboration on scholarly and policy research between the academic communities and the industries of the Mainland China and Hong Kong. Under this approach, CERP is committed to conducting policy research related to sustainable economic development of the Mainland and Hong Kong as well as promoting knowledge transfer that will benefit both business and labour, and that will foster entrepreneurship and innovation.

To achieve the above aims, CERP focuses on academic and research activities that engage with academics and professional experts. The programme aims to encourage scholars and researchers to conduct research, promote more cooperation and exchanges between Hong Kong and Mainland universities and academic think tanks, and to provide advisory consultations, business solution proposals, and training services to businesses, professionals and other economic policy stakeholders. It also aims to provide more academic outcomes.

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