HKIBS Symposium on

HKIBS Symposium on "Business Innovation in the Digital Era"



The past decade has witnessed the indispensable role of digitalization in the sustainable development and operations of any organization in today’s business world. Many business innovations have been developed to utilize digital technology and big data, which have greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of operations related to retailing, financial transactions, entertainment services, etc. as well as customers’ experience and satisfaction. Digitalization is reshaping business decisions and the way we do business.

Under such circumstances, the HKIBS Symposium on “Business Innovation in the Digital Era” is expected to raise the awareness of this trend among the general public and enterprises in Hong Kong, facilitate the development of data analytics and digital business innovations in the city and promote it as an innovation hub in Asia. The symposium is also expected to provide an ample opportunity for executives and professionals from a variety of sectors and also our business students to learn about the latest development of business analytics and innovations in finance, marketing and management area in Hong Kong and how it affects the business operations. It will provide an interactive information platform to exchange knowledge and ideas of business analytics and innovations among key stakeholders, industry players, and research bodies of Hong Kong. The symposium, with presentations by distinguished speakers who are top executives, industry professionals and academics, will focus on the needs of Hong Kong enterprises in the emerging field in the digital era, and explore emerging technologies and their development potential. The discussions during the symposium will also delve into how technology careers have been impacted and provide information to professionals and students.

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Keynote Speeches
Round Table Session I: Marketing Innovation in the Digital Era
Round Table Session II: Fintech Innovation in the Digital Era