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‘In Search of the Peachland’ is an art exchange project involving many different layers of idea exchanges amongst different parties: including 6 art units from Kam Tin and Busan (5 artists and 1 artist group), 12 students from the Visual Studies Department of Lingnan University. They went to Busan for a field trip in the end of February, 2015, to visit different art organizations and art students in Busan. During the trip, it was not difficult to find out that both Hong Kong and Busan also encounter similar problems, when undergoing intensive urban development and redevelopment. After the field-trip, two artists from Busan: KIM Dae Hong and KIM Mi Young came to Hong Kong for an artist-in-residency period in Kam Tin during March. All participating artists from Kam Tin and Busan worked with students together in Kam Tin for various art projects, which were shown on-site on 21st and 22nd of March 2015. In the end, the documentation of the on-site projects was displayed at C&G Artpartment, for a month, for the public to have an overview of the whole exchange program.



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C&G 藝術單位




Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Visual Studies


Ms. Zoie So from the Lingnan University, Hong Kong is one of the supervisor of "In Search of the Peachland" art exchange project.

This publication is made available for Open Access on Digital Commons @ Lingnan University, with the consent of C&G Artpartment.

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C&G 藝術單位、openspace bae、香港嶺南大學視覺研究系、MUDwork (2015)。《後桃花源記: 錦田-釜山藝術交流計劃》。香港: C&G藝術單位。

後桃花源記 : 錦田-釜山藝術交流計劃 = In search of the peachland : art exchange project between Kam Tin and Busan