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Colours of Dementia was a trial art facilitation programme for dementia care in a community setting led by Prof. Sophia Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Visual Studies at Lingnan University. The programme was supported by the Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association (HKADA) and Art for All. The funding came from Prof. Law's Education for Service-learning Faculty Award (2013) from the Lingnan Foundation.

The programme, which ran from December 2013 to June 2014, consisted of a series of eighteen specially designed creative workshops for 14 elders, aged 59 to 94, who were suffering from mild to advanced dementia. A group of volunteer participants, including three relatives, two social workers, five elder students and three youths, were recruited as observers. To provide them with some basic knowledge about dementia, art and creativity, the volunteers received ten hours of lectures given by a geriatrician, a professional artist and an academic professor prior to the beginning of the workshops. Each of the observers was paired with an elder enrolled in the programme; they observed the same elder in all of the workshops. Relatives and caregivers accompanying the elders to the workshops were also invited to join the workshops.

The title, Colours of Dementia, refers to the images produced by the elders with dementia. These images reflect the individuality of each elder, reminding us of their distinctiveness and uniqueness as people. Through these colours, we are able to connect to them as individuals.



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Funded by Lingnan Foundation.

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Law, S. S.M. (2014). Colours of dementia: A community art facilitation programme for people with dementia. Hong Kong: Sunglow Culture Publishing Company.

Colours of dementia : a community art facilitation programme for people with dementia