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Postcards between Friends, an exhibition of extraordinary postcards. They're real postcards, complete with stamps, postmarks, and wear and tear, but they're special in three ways. First, they are all hand-drawn. Second, every postcard is a collaboration between at least two people. And third, every postcard has been through the mail at least twice.

The process works like this. One artist starts a drawing and, without adding any verbal instructions or commentary, mails it to another. The second artist finds the postcard in her mailbox, completes the drawing, and mails it back to the sender. The results are surprising because each collaborative postcard is a small work of art that neither of its makers could have predicted.

Making drawings together in this way is exciting. It's a fun new way to experience (the by now 'retro') magic of sending and receiving personal mail. Its a fresh new way to relate to classmates and friends. Each postcard records a response to an 'artistic dare' as well as a sustained process characterized by reciprocal generosity and trust.

Friends share ideas and techniques with friends through making postcards together. I might always draw one way, in one style, using a familiar set of techniques; and so your drawing is a stranger in my art world. Do I welcome your approach to my initial idea? Does your way somehow work with mine? Why does or doesn't it work? Practice leads to analysis and this all takes time, because finding the best solutions to visual problems will not be an instant thing. Solving creative problems together involves thought, experimentation, imagination, and care.

The Postcards between Friends exhibition showcases the collaborative postcards made by the four class groups of Lingnan University students who participated in drawing courses offered by the Visual Studies Department between 2012 and 2014. It places these works alongside those that originally inspired them - works of their teacher, Carol Archer, in collaboration with five Australian artist-friends: Anna Couani, Loene Furler, Kit Kelen, Virginia Shepherd and Sue Rawlinson.


協作明信片是由一位藝術家未完成的手繪開始,不作任何文字解釋,寄給第二位藝術家。第二位藝術家收到明信片後,完 成整幅手繪再寄回。協作明信片計劃成果斐然,每一張明信片都是一幅藝術小作,而它的作者均不能預見。


朋友之間通過協同創作明信片來分享想法和技巧。我們用自己的方法、風格、技巧來繪畫。在對方的藝術世界裡,我們是 陌生人,反之亦然。我們歡迎這位陌生人嗎? 我們能否共融? 什麼? 從實踐到分析,一切都需要時間,因為解決視覺上的問題並非朝夕之事,我們還需要思考,嘗試,想像,還有關懷。

「友愛明信片」展覽的展品包括嶺南大學視覺研究系2012至2014年之間四個繪畫班的學生作品,另有給予他們靈感的老 師區勵志與安娜•古安烈、莉安•芙樂、客遠文、維吉尼亞•夏普特、蘇怡•羅玲臣等五位澳洲藝術家的協作繪畫作品。

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Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University


Hong Kong


Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Visual Studies

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Archer, C. (Ed.) (2014). Postcards between friends: Collaborative drawing and creativity pedagogy = 友愛明信片 : 協同繪畫與創意教學法. Hong Kong: Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University.

Postcards between friends : collaborative drawing and creativity pedagogy = 友愛明信片 : 協同繪畫與創意教學法