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WORDSFORPICTURES intersects with the Lingnan Library site and collection.

The exhibition represents a culmination of a series of discrete interventions that occurred over the residency. The installation operates as a linguistic production offering oblique narratives to explore the notion of the Library as a storehouse of accumulated facts, hypotheses, conjectures and fictions.

"文字圖像" 這項裝置藝術, 結合了嶺南圖書館的埸地和藏書。展覽是藝術家在她駐校期間, 在圖書館內所作的一連串抽象的藝術介入的高潮。這項裝置啟動了語言學上非直截了當的敍述, 來探討圖書館作為存放一個事實, 理論, 推理和小說的寶庫的意圖。

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Department of Philosophy, Lingnan University


Hong Kong

Artist Biography

Jayne Dyer has an extensive international exhibition and awards record. Grants include Artist-in-Residence, Lingnan University, Hong Kong (2007); Cité Internationale des Arts Studio, Paris, AGNSW (1999), FONAS (2005); NAS Travelling Scholarship, Hong Kong (2000); an Asialink/VACB residency, Beijing Art Academy (1995); DEFAT exhibition funding, Beijing (1996) and the Verdaccio Studio, Italy, Monash University (1993). Commissions include Sydney Theatre Stage Installations for the 2006 Sydney Writers Festival. Dyer is Head of Public Programs at the National Art School, Sydney, and received a 2005 Commonwealth of Australia PSM for contributions to the arts and education. She is represented by Uber Gallery, Melbourne.

Jayne Dyer 有廣泛的國際展覽經驗和得獎記錄, 在世界各地的學院受資助推行駐校藝術家計劃, 包括香港嶺南大學 (2007), 法國巴黎 Cité Internationale des Arts Studio, Paris, AGNSW (1999), FONAS (2005); NAS 旅遊獎學金 (2000), 北京美術學院 Asialink/VACB (1995), DEFAT (1996), Verdaccio Studio Italy 和 Monash University (1993) 等等。在 2006年的澳洲雪梨作家節中, 她獲邀為 Sydney Theatre 構思舞台設計。她現職雪梨國家藝術學院公共課程主任, 曾在 2005年獲澳洲聯邦政府頒授一項獎項, 嘉許她在藝術和教育上的供獻。墨爾本的Uber畫廊代理她的藝術作品。

Residence Period

2006/2007 Second Semester

Exhibition Period

May 2007

Exhibition Venue

Lingnan University


Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Visual Studies

Recommended Citation

Dyer, J. (2007). Words for pictures. Hong Kong: Department of Philisophy, Lingnan University.

Words for pictures