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A Residency Project by Tang Ying Chi

The project was started with one photographic image of a Tuen Mun street scene. The image was then saved to the computer and projected onto a small canvas with a projector. Students, staff and visitors from Lingnan University were invited to visit the studio and trace the projected images using acrylic paints. These participants came at different times and worked individually or with others who were known or unknown to them. There was no requirement or experience needed for the participation; and it was also unnecessary to have any personal reaction to the work. Of course, individual choices were made by the participants. For instance they chose to paint a certain part of the images by moving/using the focus button of the projector; and they also decided on colours for their tracing/ painting work. Most of time, the participants worked under the light, each painting the same image of a street scene at Tuen Mun which was taken by the resident artist. This was regarded as one part of the project.

The second part of the project is a group of nine pieces of painting by the resident artist, using a similar approach to that used by other participants. The difference was that the artist finally decided to paint the sky as final remarks on the whole process whereas the participants were told to limit themselves to the human construction part of the composition in their paintings. Yet, the participants can decide whether they will paint the sky when they receive the work after the exhibition.

The third part is the video work which consists of two videos. One video is about the painting process. While the participants painted, they were playing a role as visitors, making a virtual walk through the photo of Tuen Mun. Another video is real street scene which gives an example of the actual place.

The project is a preliminary study in re-thinking the meaning of painting in contemporary Hong Kong by referring to the general languages of a few media. The 50 painting are regarded as data which are the results of experimentation. With the assistance of photographic and computer technologies, the participants were able to contemplate and produce specific works. The videos are romantic documentation of the existence of the real situation. They are all displayed together by referring to only one image – a section of Tuen Mun near Lingnan University. This is a journey that started from Lingnan University and tried to reach into the greater Tuen Mun area, yet ended up in the same area again.

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Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University


Hong Kong

Artist Biography

Tang Ying Chi obtained her MFA and DFA from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University in Australia and BA Fine Art (Hon) Goldsmiths College, University of London in Britain. Tang is an active visual artist, curator, editor and educator as well. Her work ranges from painting and fabric installation to mixed media work. She received numerous grants and awards from Hong Kong and Canada. In 2008, she was mentioned as People of the Time at the 60th Anniversary of the British Council in Hong Kong. In 1996, she was awarded the Urban Council Fine Arts Awards from the contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial. Tang’s work has been exhibited internationally and collected by public institutions and private collectors. Her latest research publication included the Oasis – Artist’ Studios in Hong Kong published by Asia One in 2007; and a large-scale project- Art Container Project by MIA ( Mere Independent Artist) from 2008 onward.

Residence Period

Janurary to May 2010

Exhibition Period

May 6-8, 2010

Exhibition Venue

Artist's Studio, NAB 323 3/F, New Academic Block Lingnan University 8 Castle Peak Road Tuen Mun Hong Kong


Artist-in-residence, art exhibition


Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Visual Studies

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Tang, Y. C. S.(2010). Walk-in Tuen Mun. Hong Kong: Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University.

Walk-in Tuen Mun