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"Let Me Tell You a Story" is a showcase of nine short films made by the students and a trailer of them edited by the Artist-in-Residence, Mr Adam WONG Sau Ping.

Wong’s films show a humanistic perspective and employ storytelling to reveal incidents and experiences of real people contemporary society. In the spring of 2019, he teaches the course VIS3298 Studio Practice with a theme on “The Art of Storytelling by Film and Video” and gave a seminar on “Adam Wong On His Filmmaking, from VHS to 4K” at Lingnan University on 25 March. In his course, Wong guides nineteen students to acquire an understanding of filming based on primary research from real people and their backgrounds, use film as a language to tell stories of daily lives, and to produce short documentary films. This screening entitled We Tell Stories celebrates the project outcome of Wong and his students over the past four months. While Wong follows up the post-production of his new film, the sequel of The Way We Dance, Lingnan students work in groups of two to create nine short fictional films, each of them narrates a story of people and their environment based on students’ research and creativity and the film language they have learned from the Studio Practice course. The films come with distinctive topics, varying from love stories of both homosexual and heterosexual relationships, karate and adapting to the society, to political implications and dating experience. All these creative topics are presented in a humanistic approach.

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Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University


Hong Kong

Artist Biography

Wong Sau ping, Adam is an award-winning film director who has a fine reputation as a filmmaker, a teacher and mentor for young people.

Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1998, Adam Wong was inspired by his study abroad experience in the University of Iowa to create his first short video Fish which won an ifva award. After graduation, he and his classmate, Mr. Saville Chan, co-founded a filming company named Eyes Front Pictures and produced Friends, a short clip for the 311 Earthquake in Japan. Other famous works by Wong and Chan which were premiered in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and UK and beyond over the past few years were well received. In particular, The Way We Dance (2013) was highly recognized and gave him the title of Hong Kong Film Awards – Best New Director Award in 2014.

Residence Period

2nd term 2018-19

Exhibition Period

16:00 - 19:00, 18 May 2019

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Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Visual Studies


English; Chinese (Traditional)

Recommended Citation

Wong, S. P. A. (2019). Let Me Tell You a Story = 讓我說一個故事. Hong Kong: Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University.

Let Me Tell You a Story = 讓我說一個故事