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A major component of Wonderment is the first showing of work done as part of my multimedia MEOAW Project: My Extraordinary Onomatopoeic Animal World. Onomatopoeic words mimic the sounds they represent; the sound of the word imitates the sound the object makes. The words are creations of our human minds and in different cultures and languages the words for the same sounds differ. The Lingnan University community responded enthusiastically to my call for volunteers to participate in the MEAOW project. I have spent many happy hours collecting and recording sound and video from members of this wonderful, culturally-diverse population.

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Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University


Hong Kong

Artist Biography

Anna Glynn is an Australian contemporary multimedia artist who works with a palette of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, writing, music, sound, installation, film, digital animation and theatre. Her recent art practice has been inspired by working and collaborating internationally, including considerable time in Asia, exploring different cultures and new materials. She exhibits in commercial and public galleries in Australia and overseas.

Awards include:

  • Finalist in the inaugural Arts in Asia Awards 2013
  • International Women's Day Award for contribution to 'Women, Art & the Community' 1998
  • 'The Traveller': Winner Animation Section International Film Festival Ireland 2010
  • 'Verse Versus' (digital video artwork): Winner Meroogal Women's Art Prize 2009
  • 'Brave Hunter' (painting): iconic Australian image on cover 'A Concise History of Australia' 2009
  • 'Yarra River Stories' (audio): feature by Australian Broadcasting Commission Radio National 2011

Residence Period

September to December 2013

Exhibition Period

28th November to 12th December 2013

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Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Visual Studies

Recommended Citation

Glynn, A. (2013). Wonderment: Chinese ink paintings / video / projection / installation / soundscape. Hong Kong: Department of Visial Studies, Lingnan University.

Wonderment : Chinese ink paintings / video / projection / installation / soundscape