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The intertextual works articulate their meanings through the process of creation but not through the artists alone. The significances and meanings of the artworks are produced by the copying and referencing of texts that already exist. Creators of these 'new' works forgo the identity as an author, the tracing of originality and the following of reading habits and traditions are to be violated. The process of reading, deciphering and judging of the artworks injects new meanings into the original texts written by the old masters; any blockages or fragmentation that happens in the process will further promote the conceptualisation and production of new creations.

The exhibition emerges from and transcends two projects - A Residency Project at Lingnan University 2013 and Painting On & On.

Painting On & On is an initiative started in Spring 2011 by Hong Kong painters; there were exhibitions and a series of discussions with various motifs being organised throughout these two years. I invited Ivy Ma and Michelle Lee Ho Wing to join this exhibition entitled "Intertextuality" initiated by me, together with the twenty-four students in my class from the Artists' Residency programme at Lingnan University. The artworks to be shown will respond to the theme, and Jeannie Wu is my co-curator for this exhibition.

一件作品的意念並非固定不變的。我們作為觀眾,在欣賞一件作品時受到很多多因素影響,包括觀眾的知識、觀賞時的客觀環境、及因該作品而產生的相關評論等。作為創作者,要逼使觀眾完全按照自己的理念來完整地理解作品可說是徒勞無功; 倒過來說我們面對前人作品時,亦只能從我們有限的認知當中去接近其理念,但當中總存在差異。這些延異,在當代環境中不但沒有成為創作的阻力,反而被視為一種生產力。創作人以及觀眾都可以透過引用、暗示、甚至破壞重組的方式來創作。這次展覽的作品都具有這種互文性 (Intertextuality)。



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Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University


Hong Kong

Artist Biography

Chow Chun Fai graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Department of Fine Arts (BA 2003 and MFA 2006), and is an active member of Fotanian Artist Village. His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Manchester, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Palermo and Verona. Received awards include "Hong Kong Arts Centre 30th Anniversary Award Grand Prize" and "the Soversign Asian Art Priza".

Residence Period

2nd semester 2012/2013


Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Visual Studies

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Chow, C. F., Lee, M., & Ma, I. (2013). Intertextuality: A residency project at Lingnan University 2013 = 互為文本. Hong Kong: Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University.

Intertextuality : a residency project at Lingnan University 2013 = 互為文本