Migration, remittances and the search for a better life : longitudinal evidence from the Philippines

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Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Lingnan University

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Sociology Seminar Series 2022-2023

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Public Seminar




11:00 a.m. -- 12:30 p.m.


LYH308, Lee Yuen Haan Amenities Building


Sociology and Social Policy


As one of the major source countries of migrant workers and a top-ranking receiving country of remittances, the Philippines has been the subject of many studies exploring the links between migration and development, many of which explore how remittances contribute to development in the Philippines. This presentation considers the link between migration, remittances and development in the Philippines by focusing on households and their development status over time, drawing on longitudinal research over more than a decade. As the direct beneficiaries of remittances, the focus on households through a longitudinal perspective can help clarify how households increase and sustain their economic well-being. The study contributes to understanding how households can or may be constrained from mobilizing remittances to realize sustainable development.



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Dr. Lucy Porter JORDAN is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on how societal transformation impacts on intimate family life and wellbeing and her primary field of research is migration studies. Her scholarship further develops the key themes of social transformation and family life more broadly beyond the key area of migration and transnational families, focusing on topics of social vulnerability including intergenerational family relationships, social integration of migrants, commercial sexual exploitation of children, and risk behaviour in developing global urban contexts.

Dr. Jordan has published extensively in social work and interdisciplinary social science journals. Her research has been funded by competitive research funders in the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore. Dr. Jordan has been a consultant with diverse organizations including International Organization for Migration (IOM), UNICEF, Terres d’Hommes and the Geneva Global/Freedom Fund.

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Jordan, L. P. (2023, April 26). Migration, remittances and the search for a better life: Longitudinal evidence from the Philippines [Video podcast]. Retrieved from https://commons.ln.edu.hk/videos/964/