The many realms of digital intimacies

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Centre for Cultural Research and Development, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Centre for Inter-Asian Research, Ahmedabad University, India

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Digital Intimacy: Young Women and Social Transformation in Asia

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8:30 p.m.


Online Session via Zoom


In the current world, our bodies and lives exist in both online and offline spaces, and somewhere in between and beyond. What do we understand by digital intimacy in this context? Can one by sure that what is intimacy is also private? Does intimacy only mean romantic or sexual intimacy, or is it much more in the online? When everyone doesn‘t have free and meaningful access to digital spaces, and with a digital gender gap which is higher in Larger World countries, how does digital intimacy play out for people of diverse identities?



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Smita V works at the intersection of gender, sexuality, and technology with a focus on digital rights, holistic digital security, feminist internet, and digital storytelling. A Project Coordinator, Women's Rights Programme at the Association for Progressive Communications, they are based in New Delhi, India. Smita holds a Masters degree in Media and Cultural Studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Her current curiosities are around the intersections of queerness-caste-race, facial recognition and AI, feminist infrastructures, and knowledge bridges. They can generally be found wandering the cyberspace, or hunting for good coffee.

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