Chinese learning goes West : the reception and development of traditional Chinese thought in modern Europe, North America, and beyond : Session A

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Centre for Humanities Research and the Department of Chinese, Lingnan University

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Lingnan Prism Symposium Series (3.3)

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9:00 p.m. -- 12:15 a.m.


Online Session via Zoom


The symposium is organized by Prof. Stephen RODDY and Prof. CAI Zong-qi. The session is moderated by Prof. Stephen RODDY and the opening remarks is delivered by Prof. CAI Zong-qi. Each presentation is followed by a Q&A session. Session A includes the following presentations,

  • In Asia with “Marco Polo” and “The Jesuits” : what changes? : some reflections on the space of languages (1250-1650) / Angelo CATTENEO
  • “The ancient and new doctrine of the Chinese on filial piety” : on the most extensive treatise on xiao 孝 in any European language dating from 1779 / Nicolas STANDAERT
  • The “doubly insufficient” translation : reading the Laozi with Abel-Remusat / Dinu LUCA
  • China in the eyes of French intellectuals from La Mothe Vayer to Abel-Remusat : a testimony of European hybrid modernity to revise postcolonial narratives / Jean-Tves HEURTEBISE
  • Foreign concepts in 17th century Europe : meritocracy and “The People” / Martin POWERS
  • Phantasmatic representations of China and Chinese in 18th century sinology and Benedictus Svenonius’s critique of the “Sinographic imaginary” / Martin Svensson EKSTROM

This symposium is under the auspice of a broader project on the dissemination of Chinese culture led by Professor Yuan Xingpei of Peking University. Symposium papers, after successful peer-review, will be published in a volume in the Brill book series Chinese Texts in the World.



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Catteneo, A., Standaert, N., Luca, D., Heurtebise, J.-T., Powers, M., Ekstrom, M. S., Cai, Z.-q., & Roddy, S. (2021, July 5). Chinese learning goes West: The reception and development of traditional Chinese thought in modern Europe, North America, and beyond: Session A [Video podcast]. Retrieved from