Myanmar Perspectives : 50 Paintings from a Changing Country : film show & panel discussion = 「探索藝術:透視蛻變中的緬甸」展覽 : 電影欣賞及研討會

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Myanmar Perspectives : 50 Paintings from a Changing Country

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Public Seminar




4:30 p.m. -- 7:30 p.m.


1/F, Lobby, Library & MBG07


For three years since the installation of a quasi-civilian government in March 2011, Myanmar has experienced a large number of reforms. At a time when analysts are struggling to assess the political, economic and social significance of those reforms, this exhibition adopts a somewhat different perspective.

Looking through the eyes of more than a dozen contemporary artists, it presents 50 paintings from a changing country. Alongside openly political images, which until very recently would have been banned by state censors, are depictions of daily life in villages and towns during a period of transition, of religious beliefs and symbols, and of disparate ethnic groups and identities.

Together, these paintings, produced in the past couple of years by artists of diverse age, background and interest, constitute an invaluable window onto a dynamic and complex society, and help to trigger new ways of understanding a country that is still largely unknown to the outside world.

Exhibition of 50 Myanmar paintings was held at Lingnan University Library from February 27 to March 27, 2014. It was supplemented by a mini book fair and documentary screening on perspectives of contemporary Myanmar as a changing country.

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