Finning (through buzz words) in the Korean wave : (alias) locating the use of (foreign) popular culture in transnational media studies

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Kwan Fong Cultural Research and Development Programme, Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Lingnan University

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KFCRD Cultural Studies Seminar & Cultural Magazine, Cultural Magazine, 2003-04

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Public Seminar




5:30 p.m. -- 7:00 p.m.


GE321, General Education Building, Lingnan University


Consolidating thoughts gathered throughout her research in ‘Japanese Wind’ and ‘Korean Wave’, Lisa Leung reconsiders the direction this line of media studies is taking. In other words, how do we make sense of the East Asian experience in rethinking the difference between ‘transnationalization’ and ‘globalization’, at a time when consuming globalized media becomes second nature? How does media transnationalization alter the conceptualization of ‘institutions’, ‘flow’, ‘process’, community, and public, at a time when the media implodes on our everyday life?



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Lisa Y.M. Leung is Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies in Lingnan University. She received her doctorate degree at University of Sussex, England. She has published articles on the localization of international women’s magazines, and the globalisation of the Chinese Satellite TV channels. In recent years, she has researched and published extensively on the issues around cultural globalization in the case of the intensified flow of media and cultural products across Asia.

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Leung, Y. M. L. (2005, December 13). Finning (through buzz words) in the Korean wave: (alias) Locating the use of (foreign) popular culture in transnational media studies [Video podcast]. Retrieved from http://commons.ln.edu.hk/videos/226