Regional geographies, gender and the question of location in recent Japanese film

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Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Lingnan University

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Cultural Magazine Series, 2003-04

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Public Seminar




5:30 p.m. -- 7:00 p.m.


G06, General Education Building, Lingnan University


From at least the 1990s, Japanese film and television has displayed a wide range of locations shot and produced over the Asia-Pacific. Some critics have discussed such intensified popular concern for the region as “strategic,” as it responds to challenges “to its own national-cultural identity in an era of widely proliferated Asian modernities” (Iwabuchi). Others have discussed it in terms of its participation in film and media networks that have proliferated across places like Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea (Yomota). Yet both arguments suggest a backdrop of contested and precariously changing geographies, relations and industries across the region.

This presentation will address popular films as they engage with the production of locations over Taiwan, Hong Kong and the PRC. What might the stakes of such multi-sited media production and location be? Not only an appeal to industries or audiences, the geographies they construct and negotiate also reflect upon imperatives for locality, history, memory and gender across the region. In relation to such film production, this presentation will address concerns for the past as they are negotiated in present (regional) landscapes, the difficulties of gender (especially of masculinity) to their construction, and the centrality of Tokyo as a space from which to imagine elsewhere.



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Stephanie DeBoer is a Ph.D. Candidate in Critical Studies at the School of Cinema-Television, University of Southern California, USA . She is currently a visiting researcher jointly based at Lingnan University’s Department of Cultural Studies and Hong Kong Cultural Research and Development Programme. A Fulbright-Hays Graduate Research Fellow, she previously conducted research in Tokyo, and is writing a dissertation on regional interfaces among popular Japanese and Chinese language film and media, particularly as they relate to questions of gender, space and nostalgia.

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