上海都市文化研究 = Shanghai urban cultural studies

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Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Lingnan University

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Cultural Magazine Series, 2004-05

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Public Seminar




11:30 a.m. -- 1:00 p.m.


GE322, General Education Building, Lingnan University


上海正在成為一個全球城市,都市空間的巨大變化不僅改 變 了城市的外貌,同時也影響了人們的日常生活。上海都市空間的急速擴展,是以超乎通常現代化的發展觀念和手段驅動的,這一過程混雜了合理的功能性考慮和極富幻想的想象。


Shanghai is gradually becoming a global city. The great transformation of the urban space not only changes the outlook of the city, but also influences the daily life of the ordinary people. The rapid expansion of urban space in Shanghai is driven by the over-modernized concept and means, and the process of the expansion mingles with the rationally functional consideration and dreamlike imagination.

In my talk, I try to deal with the complicated factors of globalization and localization appearing in the contemporary Shanghai urban culture, and to relate the semi-colonial experience to the reconstruction process of the local knowledge. It is note-worthy that this reconstruction of the local knowledge is likely to succeed only in the context of consumerism. The demand of urban space from the professional management class is rarely questioned or refused, and the "requirements" of international businessmen are probably rationalized or naturalized as the prerequisites of Shanghai ?s becoming a global city in the process of turning Shanghai into a globalized metropolitan.



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包亞明是上海社會科學院文學研究所的所長助理、副研究員,《上海文化》雜誌社的常務副主編。他目前的研究興趣主要集中在都市文化理論與上海都市文化研究上。包亞明著作有《游蕩者的權力:消費社會與都市文化研究》(中國人民大學出版社,2004年)、《後現代性語境中的美學與文化理論》(上海遠東出版社,2003年) 和《在語言與現實之間》(上海遠東出版社,1998年)。合作發表有著作《上海酒吧 : 空間、消費與想象》(江蘇人民出版社,2001年)。主編有《後現代性與地理學的政治》(上海教育出版社,2001年)、《現代性與空間的生產》(上海教育出版社,2002年) 和《後大都市與文化研究》(上海教育出版社)。

Dr Bao Yaming is an Associate Professor and Assistant Director of the Institute of Literature , Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. He is also the Executive Editor-in-Chief of Shanghai Culture Magazine. Now his research is focusing on Urban Cultural Theory and Shanghai Urban Cultural Studies. His publications include: Books: The Right of a Flaneur (Beijing: Renmin University of China Press, 2004), Aesthetics and Cultural Theory in the context of Postmodernity (Shanghai: Far East Publisher, 2003), Between Language and Reality (Shanghai: Far East Publisher, 1998), Shanghai Bars: Space, Consume and Imagination (Co-author, Nanjing: Jiangsu People?s Publishing House, 2001); Edited Collections: Modernity and Production of Space (Shanghai: Shanghai Education Publishing House, 2003), Postmodernity and Politics of Geography (Shanghai: Shanghai Education Publishing House, 2001). Postmetropolis and Cultural Studies (Shanghai: Shanghai Education Publishing House).

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