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In a letter written in 1942 Szto Wai writes of meeting a friend in the evening and saying “What’s this? Tubes of paint! Good ones from India and a brush too. Have you some of the paper I gave you last week? Let’s make a sketch right away. The sun is right, the colors are fresh and you have two boards. We sat together behind the little kitchen and overlooked the whole of Ling Tai Tsuen. A little foreground? Just trees or shall we put in the corner of the building there, I mean the library there? Better shorten the rice fields a little - tell a little lie - but no matter, it’s our picture. Ah, the camphor trees! Any cobalt blue in that box of ours? The sweep of the hill, the new dormitories standing clean and new, the library already mellowed with one year’s weather and the age-old camphor trees hiding the rest. Just room to draw the mountain in and balance the patches of bare earth this side. Enough pencil - now the color…” (Corbett 146).


嶺大村, 曲江