Assessing quality experience and learning outcomes. Part II : findings and discussion

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Quality Assurance in Education

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Higher education, Quality, Students


Purpose - This paper is the second part of a comprehensive report about a research study that aims to assess the relationship between the university experience and student outcomes as a means of determining a university's success in meeting its educational goals.

Design/methodology/approach - While Part I has described the process of how data were collected and the various methods of analysis to examine relationships among variables discussed, Part II provides a summary of the findings and the discussion to synthesise evidence pertaining to the impact of university on a range of outcomes associated with university attendance.

Findings - This paper gives a detailed report and a comprehensive summary of the major findings. The results of the study are reported systematically, guided by the four research questions. Answers to each of the research questions address those major concerns raised by the said question. Detailed analyses using tables and figures are presented for data summary and interpretation.

Research limitations/implications - While the research has identified a web of interrelated factors in the university environment that affect learning, it may have omitted other influences on university outcomes such as institutional governance, culture, and context. Therefore, the research may have fallen short of accounting for variables such as campus culture, governance arrangement, leadership style, teaching methods and assessment schemes, and so forth.

Practical implications - The research provides improvement data for university administrators and practitioners to shed light on policy and practice that make up the institutional environment.

Originality/value - The rich fund of research data on the effects of university on student outcomes promotes critical self-examination and discussion among practitioners in higher education for a better understanding of what causes changes in students and what conditions in the university environment will facilitate or inhibit student growth and development.



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Tam, M. (2007). Assessing quality experience and learning outcomes. Part II: Findings and discussion. Quality Assurance in Education, 15(1), 61-76. doi: 10.1108/09684880710723034