A review of job crafting research : the role of leader behaviors in cultivating successful job crafters

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Proactivity at work : making things happen in organizations

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Taylor and Francis


Today’s business world is evolving faster than ever before due to the global economic situation and developments in information/telecommunication technology. The advent of global work, virtual work, and self-managing teams has considerably increased the complexity and exibility of professional jobs. Jobs have become more dynamic coupled with constantly shifting and changing roles, tasks, and projects (Grant & Parker, 2009). In order to address emergent demands and opportunities at work, managers more and more rely on employees to adapt to and initiate changes in the nature of their jobs (Demerouti, 2014). For example, employees may be encouraged to introduce new methods to carry out tasks more prociently, or to expand their work by taking on more responsibilities. These proactive behaviors may not only increase individual work well-being and motivation but may also be crucial for organizational eectiveness.

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Wang, H., Demerouti, E., & Bakker, A. B. (2016). A review of job crafting research: The role of leader behaviors in cultivating successful job crafters. In S. K. Parker & U. K. Bindl (Eds.), Proactivity at work: Making things happen in organizations (pp. 77-104). New York: Taylor and Francis.

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