Lustration of public officials : international experience and Ukrainian perspectives

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Roundtable : Lustration : International Experience and Ukrainian Perspectives

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USAID FAIR Justice Project; Open Dialog Foundation


During this session the participants will learn the experience of lustration in the European countries over transitional periods, in particular, in Poland and the Czech Republic. The speakers will focus on the tasks, issues and challenges of lustration systems in those countries and highlight approaches and mechanisms to the vetting of public officials and judges, along with missteps that occurred. The participants will discuss to what extent the experience of other European countries is applicable to Ukraine, and what lessons should be learned by Ukrainian politicians and civil society activists to avoid long lasting negative consequences of this process for society.



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Peterman, R., David, R. & Kozlovska, L. (2014, September). Lustration of public officials: International experience and Ukrainian perspectives. Roundtable discussion at the Roundtable: Lustration: International Experience and Ukrainian Perspectives, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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