投之以羊血,報之以水果 : 台灣文學獵人之禮做為個人、群體和生態的認同象徵

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The gift of the Taiwan indigenous literary hunter and the construction of individual, tribal and ecological identity

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Journal article

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文化越界 = Cross-cultural Studies

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台灣原住民文學, 禮物理論, 認同, Taiwan indigenous literature, gift theory, identity



In Taiwanese aboriginal literature, most gifts are given by hunters and most hunters are gift givers. I see these fictional gifts as symbols of personal, tribal and ecological identity. I advance this interpretation based on my reading of anthropological gift theory. Anthropologists have described hunter’s gifts as the foundation of social standing, and have gone on to discriminate between gifts and commodities; the former conducive to the formation of interpersonal and ecological relations—relations between people and nature—and the latter conducive to the formation of relations of value between commodities. Societies in which gift giving is the main form of exchange will tend to be communal, while those in which commodity exchange predominate will splinter. This article applies this interpretive framework to the study of contemporary Taiwanese indigenous literature. The gifts I discuss are literary, so we cannot see them as simple reflections of social practice. Rather, I would view them as symbols contemporary aboriginal writers use to contemplate identity. In order to question the notion of the independent individual, I divide identity into three aspects, personal, social and ecological. I discuss Husluma Vava’s “The Hunter,” Auvini Kadresengan’s “Home to Return To,” Ba Dai’s “Ginger Road,” and Topas Tamapima’s “The Last Hunter.” From “The Hunter” to “The Last Hunter,” aboriginal villages have been drawn into the international economic order, fragmenting in this process. Facing fragmentation, aboriginal writers not only contemplate but also try to construct or reconstruct indigenous identity. I end with a methodological self-critique, as an aid to further comparative research.

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石岱崙 (2012)。投之以羊血,報之以水果 : 台灣文學獵人之禮做為個人、群體和生態的認同象徵 = The gift of the Taiwan indigenous literary hunter and the construction of individual, tribal and ecological identity。《文化越界 = Cross-cultural Studies》,1(7),121-146。