Esteemed, dismissed and everyday hybridity

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This paper responds to the circumstances that have made hybridity both a popular term in cultural analysis and a contested, problematic concept. It promotes the need to look at what has been dismissed in discussions of hybridity, namely mundane and unexotic examples of cultural mix. A timely exposition of the development and critique of cultural hybridity provides a foundation to the key threads of the hybridity debate. This overview similarly highlights the ways in which hybridity has been celebrated and in some senses obstructed from developing as a more meaningful signifier of plurality. In combining the omissions of work on cultural hybridity with everyday life social theory, a paradigm of ‘everyday hybridity’ is established as a way of operationalising hybridity for empirical research.

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This is the Social Theory behind by book on Islam in Hong Kong. The book has a diluted version, this is the full exegesis which serves as an overview of the debate surrounding cultural hybridity. It is currently under review.

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