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Workshop on CoP Project : Building a Language Learning Autonomy Community

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Education University of Hong Kong


This project, known as Inter-Institutional Collaborative Onlim Self-Access (ICOSA) project was a four-year inter-institutional project for the language centres of five tertiary institutions in Hong Kong (HK Polytechnic University, Lingnan University, Baptist University, City University and the Institute of Education) to create and share a range of English language self-access learning materials online via an online repository.

In the first phase the emphasis was on English language proficiency materials, while in the second phase there has been more emphasis on materials for language to support students' discipline-specific studies.

To date over 500 authentic and unique exercise packages were created over the project term and all participating institutions have utilised the materials in a variety of ways:

1. Independent learning via dedicated website

2. Course supplementary materials via LMS

3. Class tasks to help students develop L2 skills

4. Assigned via instmctor/tutor to help scaffold weak skill sets

This presentation will focus on how these resources can play an effective role in student development either independently or within an existing course setting.

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LeBane, M. C. (2016, May). The utilisation of ICOSA online exercises to enhance students English language learning. Paper presented at the Workshop on CoP Project: Building a Language Learning Autonomy Community, Hong Kong.