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CITE Research Symposium 2012 : E-Learning in a changing landscape of emerging technologies and pedagogies

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Centre for Information Technology in Education, Faculty of Education, Univerisity of Hong Kong


iPhones, iPad’s, & other ubiquitous devices have been rapidly becoming a part of everyday life. So much so that educational institutions around the world are scrambling to find a way to incorporate them into their curriculum. This presentation will review the obstacles faced when implementing mobile technology into an English Public Speaking & Presentation curriculum. We will examine students’ responses/reflections & attitudes when it comes to using ubiquitous devices in the classroom; such as iPhones & iPads and provide suggestive guidance to course designers and educators.

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Paper also presented at the Joint International Conference: Mapping ESP Frontiers: Bridging Teaching, Research and Practice (The 1st International Conference of the Chinese Association for ESP and the 4th International Conference on ESP in Asia), 13-16 December 2012, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.

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LeBane, M. (2012, June). A study of ubiquitous technologies in higher education in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the CITE Research Symposium 2012: E-Learning in a changing landscape of emerging technologies and pedagogies, Hong Kong.