Life education is desperately needed in the SAR’s schools

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China Daily (Hong Kong Edition)

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I have been pleading for bringing life education to our schools for years. What exactly is life education?

Life education will give a person the strength to deal with hard times. Yes, life can be hard. Competition may be intense. Home prices may be unaffordable. Examinations can be tough. People get laid off. Regardless, we need to face this and tough it out. My parents’ generation experienced much harder times: First the civil war on the Chinese mainland, then the Japanese occupation. They had lost many people close to them in the wars. They had to face hunger, danger and hardship and flee for their lives. But they endured all this.

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Ho, L.-s. (2016, March 30). Life education is desperately needed in the SAR’s schools. China Daily (Hong Kong Edition), P07.